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Uncategorized Oct 11, 2020

Hello lovely,

One of the biggest fears I hear is “If I allow myself to cry I will never stop.”

I understand that fear, but… 

you knew there was a but coming.

I promise it won’t last forever. Remember how I talked about movement is the key to releasing the trauma?

It’s the key here too. We are not just opening the flood gates and leaving you hanging. We are not leaving you to drown in the grief and tears.

We are rewriting the story and finishing it with you in control. That’s what makes the tears stop.

The story ends.

Your body finishes the cycle and you look back on the story as just that, a story that happened, but no longer has control over you.

That’s freeing.

When the story ends the pain ends. The haunting memories end. You are free.

It’s not easy facing all the deep shit, but oh is it worth it. Yep, I’ve done this work too. I’ve dug deep. I’ve cried in front of strangers. I still do this deep shit work. Why? Because it helps me grow. It helps me be the woman I truly want to be.

Sometimes we hold on to generations of trauma. It makes sense really. We develop our eggs in utero so technically my grandmother carried me as a tiny egg in my mom. So all the crap in her life was felt at a cellular level in me. 

Yep sometimes we have to heal generations of trauma before us, but the really cool thing is we are healing the generations ahead of us too. All this work we do will make a better existence for our grandchildren. Pretty awesome right!?

It's so much more than just healing ourselves. 

Just a friendly reminder. You are worthy. You are loveable. You are here for a reason.

Lots of love,




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