Holiday Happiness

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020

Holidays can be a fun and stressful time, especially for moms. We juggle it all and work hard to make it magical for our families. 

As a kid, I remember my mom busy the whole day. She bustled getting breakfast, gathering wrapping paper, keeping lists of who gave what for thank you cards, and juggling dinner. She made a magical day for us, but a busy day for her.

As a mom, I now know she also bought and wrapped all the presents including her own, sent Christmas cards, decorated the whole house, donated gifts, and planned and bought all we needed for presents and special meals. 

I've done the same, and while I love getting everything ready and creating a magical day I have realized I miss out on some of my favorite things because I was too busy. 

As women, we are the tradition keepers. We bring traditions from the generations before us. We choose what to continue and what to let go of. It is an important job but can feel heavy.

It can feel even heavier if you are doing it alone.

This year I invite you to look at your traditions. What makes YOU happy? 

Carve out time and space for the holiday traditions that make you the happiest even if it means letting something go. 

As women, we are also the energy regulators. When our energy is feeling strong our entire family feels it. They all seek you out, the day flows, and feels good.

Ever notice when you are down everyone else seems like they are in a bad mood? Kids are extra cranky. Dogs are needy. Partners are ready to argue. It's not just in your mind.

That's because we as women are the regulators. 

The best holiday will happen when YOU feel good. So pick your favorite traditions. Savor the little things that you enjoy and watch as everyone else feels the magical holiday you made by shifting your energy to find happiness. 

Happiest of Holidays,



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