When the "I'm Not Enough's" hit

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

Hey there, 

Have you ever had something really awesome happen to you, but then hits this feeling of dread and you want to climb into a little hole?

That's the I'm not enough's. I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not organized enough.

If your "I'm not enough" is around something you did publicly it may be accompanied by thinking others will say "Who does she think she is?!" or "She's getting too big for her britches!" or something similar. 

I got hit with a wave of the I'm not enough's last Friday. 

I've had some really amazing opportunities lately. I was interviewed on two separate podcasts, I'm part of a Women's Wellness Summit, and I had the opportunity to teach an Advanced Postpartum Trauma Course with Lynn Schulte from the Insitute for Birth Healing. 

I have been so excited to be able to share a message of hope and healing with more women. 

Well, Friday Lynn Schulte sent out a newsletter sharing the story of how I ended up teaching part of the course unexpectedly by myself because she had to take her son to the ER. (He's ok.)

She called me a "God Send."

I had no idea that the newsletter was coming out, let alone that it would include that story. I had people emailing & texting me "way to go's" before I even knew the email was out. 

And it hit. The I'm Not Enough's. 

Those I'm Not Enough's, with a bit of the "Who does she think she is?!" thrown in the mix.

I knew the feeling that I needed to climb in a hole and disappear stemmed back to a limiting belief. 

Now I've faced limiting beliefs before in my life. In fact, every time I feel like I'm getting too big for my britches they come crawling out. 

The difference this time is that I've been releasing and healing around my limiting beliefs for a while now. So I didn't run and hide. I didn't let them send me into an emotional upset. 

I got curious. 

What is this feeling about? 

What is making little Landy not feel safe and ok? 

And when I sat with my discomfort with curiosity out came...

 "Do you know how many people now know my name?! I'm just little Landy Schaumberg from Libby, MT. I'm not supposed to be known."

BAM. My limiting belief comes rolling out.

That belief planted long ago that I'm not good enough to be known. I'm just a nobody from small-town MT who came from somewhere in little Landy's childhood. It may have been something I heard or was told or just a feeling that I got. 

I did some work around the belief until it no longer felt powerful.

And as I revisited this belief I thought "Why not?! Why can't I stand out? Why can't I be known as a big name in the pelvic health and birthing world?" 

That's the power of releasing the limiting beliefs. They no longer keep you from following your dreams. They no longer keep you feeling like a little girl doing something she shouldn't. 

It feels good to let them go. 

When the I'm not enough's hits you I invite you to get curious about the feelings. What's behind them? 

If you want/need support helping the little girl inside you know that it's ok to be amazing and let go of the I'm not enough's I'd love to help. Let's schedule a time to talk in a free discovery call https://bestbirthhealing.intak...

Lots of love,




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