Why the guilt with self-care?

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2021


Why do we as moms experience guilt around self-care?

This week I had an acupuncture appointment that I almost canceled. 

I felt guilty for taking more time away from my kids. 

Guilty for putting more of a load on my husband as he was teleworking and watching the kids. 

So as I reached for the phone I asked myself why is it not ok for me to go?

Would it help me? YES! 

Do I need it? Need as in life-saving no, but need it as in it would make me feel better in my body? YES!

Do I value it? YES!

Then why the guilt?

I felt selfish. 

There were so many other things I could be doing with my time. I could be enjoying my kids, cleaning the house, taking pressure off my husband, but I was spending time on me. 

I started to wonder when it became not ok to spend time on me?

Before kids, I booked regular massages and chiropractic appointments. I did facials and regularly exercised at the gym. 

Why as a mom had this become so hard?

There are probably lots of reasons. 

But one that came to mind was I never saw my mom take time for herself. 

My mom worked hard and took great care of our family. I am loyal to my mom. 

If it wasn't ok for her...

Why was it ok for me to then?

And there sat my limiting belief. To be a good mom I needed to put my needs last. Ugh. Guess what? She had the same belief. 

So I released that dang belief and headed to my appointment.

I came home with more energy, more patience, and more creative ideas. I felt so much better.

And my kids and husband did just fine without me. As they always do.

So to the moms out there, I see you struggle to get to your appointments with me. I understand the juggling act you may go through. I'm proud of you. 

I thank your friends and your partners for watching your kids. 

I applaud you for showing up with kids in tow. (I've done it too. And I don't mind at all that they come. I loved holding two little ones on my lap as I worked this week.)

I know it's hard, but you are worth it.

Taking this time for you will make you a better mom, better woman, and feel better as you. 

So if you too carry that limiting belief it's ok to let it go. 

It's ok to take time for you. 


Lots of love,







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