The fitness program that will help you heal your prolapse, end pee leaks, AND get a slimmer waist. 

What if you could...

Get A Strong & Toned Tummy

Tone your deep core muscles to be stronger in your everyday life. Run, play, jump with confidence!

Heal Your Prolapse & Stop Pee Leaks

Lift your low organs back up and tone your pelvic floor to end pee leaks so you can trust your body again.

Feel Sexy & Slimmer

Stand taller, feel free in your movement, and see a more defined tummy. Feel good about you!

There is an easier way to end your embarrassing "down there" problems and get strong and sexy.


Elevate Low Pressure Fitness is designed for women just like you who want to feel strong and sexy, but have struggled to exercise because of pee leaks or prolapse.
Elevate will help you prevent bladder leaks, pull your low pelvic organs up, rebalance over or under used muscles, and slim your waist so you can do the things you love better and with confidence. 

Are you struggling to fit in exercise?

As a mom it's hard to fit in exercise. You want something that doesn't take much time and still gives you amazing results! Elevate only takes 15-20 minutes 3 times a week of home practice to see results!

Have you tried other exercise programs that haven't helped?

Most exercise programs are not designed to support the pelvic floor while strengthening your tummy. Not only will you get the strong tummy you want, but end your pee leaks & prolapse!

Are tired of living with the falling out feeling, pee leaks, and the mommy pooch?

Elevate is designed specifically to help women end pee leaks & prolapse. You will see and feel a difference in your tummy and pelvic floor after the first class!

 I totally get it. I see you, because I was you.


Hey there, I'm Landy. I struggled with a prolapse 5 days after my second baby. I thought I would never exercise or run and jump with my kids. Low Pressure Fitness is the number one thing that helped me heal my prolapse and regain my core and pelvic floor strength, but more than that it gave me my confidence back. I not only used this program to heal my own body but as a women's health pelvic therapist and Level 1 Low-Pressure Fitness Trainer I have used this program to help hundreds of my clients heal their bodies. 
But the truth is… pelvic floor struggles only get worse if we ignore them. It takes making a commitment to healing yourself to see and feel the difference you want. 
It’s not that you can’t get a strong core and end pelvic floor struggles as a mom. It’s just that you haven’t found the right support until now.

Elevate Your Life

Are you ready to regain your core and pelvic floor strength without traditional core exercises that make your pelvic floor struggles worse? 

Join Elevate and feel confident in your body and know exactly how to heal your core and pelvic floor. 

I need this!

Want to know the secret behind getting a strong core, slimmer waist, and end your pelvic floor struggles?

It's a unique breathing system designed by Dr. Tamara Rial. That helps you create suction to pull your organs up and in. Thousands of people just like you have used this program to heal pelvic floor issues, regain core, improve posture, rebalance overused muscles, improve back and pelvic stability,  increase pelvic floor strength, increase respiratory parameters, venous return, and overall well being. 
Wowza! All that with 6 simple poses and a unique breathing technique! It seems too good to be true.  But it's not. 
It only takes just 20 minutes 3 times a week of home practice for you to easily restore your pelvic floor, strengthen your core, and slim your waist.  
I heard so many women tell stories of their struggles to regain their core strength, lose the mom pooch, and how pelvic floor problems kept them from playing with their kids. Moms need an easy program they can fit into busy lives that actually works to help them feel strong again. 

That’s exactly why I created…. Elevate.

So what is Elevate?


Elevate is an online program where you learn low-pressure fitness program without having to leave your home. 

Self-paced easy to follow videos that will help you strengthen your core & pelvic floor, heal your prolapse, and end pee leaks. 

Helped Thousands of Women

This is the exact same system I’ve used and other Low Pressure Fitness Trainers have used to help thousands of women regain their core and pelvic floor strength, lift prolapsed organs, and end pee leaks.

You will feel better in your body after just one session!


No planks, No Crunches! A proven program that uses a unique style of breathing in a series of poses that will get you feeling better than you have in years.


After 4 Weeks of Elevate

"I started low pressure fitness to heal my prolapse. After a month I no longer felt my symptoms! Bonus my posture improved and my tummy started to have definition again! It was the best thing I did for myself!"

Janelle P.

Elevate Your Core & Pelvic Floor

Wondering if you’re a good fit for Elevate? Here’s who this program was designed for: 

  • Women who are looking to regain their core strength without traditional core exercises or high impact classes so they can feel strong and sexy.

  • Women who are struggling with prolapse or pee leaks and want to get back to an active life.

  • Female athletes who are looking to create balance from overused tight muscles to take it to the next level. 

Yep, That's Me!

You will receive...

Self-Paced Video Classes

Go at your pace with easy to follow video instructions and classes

Easy App

Do your workout wherever you are with an easy app plus computer access. 

Easy Printables

Download easy to follow handouts to help you boost your practice.

Plus you will get these AMAZING Bonuses!

Beautiful Feminine Strength Meditation

You will receive an audio meditation to help you connect with and use your innate feminine power. 

20 Minute Personal Session

Get one on one support and guidance to jump start your practice. 

"I felt like a man with my prolapse. After I worked with Landy I no longer feel my prolapse. I forget I have one!"

Linda K.

Are you ready?

Pelvic floor struggles are not going to go away on their own. In fact they only get worse. You can get back to feeling good in your body.

You can get back to trusting your pelvic floor so you can run, jump, and play like you want. Elevate will take you step by step to get you feeling confident again!


I'm in!

Are you ready to slim your waist and get a strong core & end pelvic floor struggles?!


This is more than just another exercise class. This is proven program that is used world wide to help women end pelvic floor problems and regain their core strength using a unique breathing series. 

A strong core and pelvic floor are essential to all that you do. Taking care of your core and pelvic floor now will save you years of frustration with pee leaks and prolapse so you can be the amazing mom and woman you are meant to be. 



Change your life

  • A Strong Core & Pelvic Floor, and overall feeling better in and about your body so you can run, jump, and play with confidence
  • Self-Paced Course
  • Easy to follow video lessons

  • Easy to use Handouts
  • BONUS: 1- 30-minute personal Session to get personal feedback
  • BONUS: Empowering Meditation
I Need This!