Hey there, 

If you are here I am guessing you are looking for ways to help grow your pelvic therapy practice or birth business and step into a more comfortable version of yourself. You love helping moms, but ...


Maybe you feel stuck and can't figure out what is holding you back?


Maybe you feel drained at the end of the day and feel like you over give?


Maybe you feel like you need to save or fully heal all of your clients? Or even the world?


Would you love a business that feels easy, brings you energy, and joy?


Do you want to stop guessing about how to grow your practice? Do you want to feel confident in your skills as a therapist and businesswoman?


You may have already tried to follow the latest guru or tried to sell in a way that feels yucky or feel completely lost in what you need to do.


Nothing you have done has brought ease and joy to your business. You still feel the daily struggle and worry. 


You can stop searching for the magical answer that will bring you success. The magical answer is not out there somewhere. No, the answers to a successful business are right inside you.


Past experiences (think childhood) that left you feeling unsupported or emotionally hurt can leave deep imprints causing you to feel like you need to save the world. They plant beliefs that you are not good enough, smart enough, or organized enough. 


The secret to helping you step into the amazing you with an incredible practice is healing and releasing your past traumas and limiting beliefs with spirit medicine.


As long as you continue to carry in some way the belief that you are not enough, you will continue to self-sabotage and hold yourself back from the life you are meant to live.

There is an easier way to do business that allows you to bring ease and flow into your life. Release what's holding you back and start trusting yourself so you can use your feminine intuition to be more creative, step into your true power, and be authentically you.


Download the free workbook below to help you tap into your feminine intuition and create the practice of your dreams. 


5 Steps to Your Dream

Therapy Practice

Using Your Feminine Intuition 

Use your inner knowledge to find out what feels good for your business so you never have to wonder what is the best step and stop searching for the next magical thing that will bring you success. 


Are you ready to release the feelings of being not enough, get unstuck, & create a business that feels good and brings you joy?

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Not just business coaching,

but shifting how you feel about YOU. 

Hi there, I'm Landy. I'm a mom, an entrepreneur, a pelvic occupational therapist, a trauma worker, and a healer. I also teach with the Institute for Birth Healing. I understand the need for balancing busy work life with busy family life because I live it. 


Being an entrepreneur is in my blood. I grew up hanging around/working in my dad's veterinary practice and my grandfather's hotel business.

In my career experience, I had the amazing job helping new freedom franchise owners start-up bread bakeries with Great Harvest Bread Co. all over the US. From hiring to production to being on the ground on opening day I loved coaching the entrepreneurial spirit. 

After managing a bakery and a chiropractic practice I stepped into starting my own private practice in pediatrics and now pelvic health. 




I don't fit under the term coach, because I am not going to tell you what to do. I'm more of a mentor or guide. I provide you the energetic and emotional support you need to let go of self-doubt and shine your light doing your soul's work. 


We are partners working together to help you let go of what is blocking you from success and figure out exactly what you need to trust your hands and your knowledge as a therapist. 


A successful business is waiting for you.


I'd love to help you...

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Doubting Yourself:

Limiting beliefs are often planted when we are young. They are things we were told about ourselves or about our family. We often hold onto these beliefs as the truth.  They are not true and we sometimes have no idea they are the reason we feel stuck. 

They often come from childhood and are stored in your tissues deep in your body. Each one lives in a different spot and creates all those doubts and insecure feelings. 




Together we will help you find exactly where they are, what they are, and what they look like. We will then release them and replace them with something positive so you feel confident in who you are and finally feel unstuck.


Walk into the therapy room knowing you are the best therapist for your clients. Feel confident as a businesswoman, a mom, & a woman.


Let go of the feeling that you are not enough, not smart enough, organized enough, all the not enough's that keep you feeling like you are not a good enough therapist and businesswoman.


When you feel you are enough your inner light shines like a beacon drawing in your perfect clients. 

Healing the Deep Wounds So You Can Shine as YOU:

The deep hurts can create trust issues within yourself.

They keep you from feeling like it's not ok to be YOU in the world.

You may feel like you are the only one you can depend on.

You may feel emotionally triggered by client stories, or feel like you need to save the world.

These deep hurts steal your freedom to be you.

Together we will use feminine spirit medicine to heal the deep hurts from your body, your birth, your past, and even ancestral patterns that are preventing you from shining as your true authentic self. 


Gain Clarity for Your Business:

Ever wish you had a guru to just tell you exactly what you need to do to make your practice a success?

I know I did.

I want to share a secret. You have every answer you are looking for inside of you.

My job is to ask the right questions to help you use your feminine intuition to find the answers you are looking for.   

Know your message. Know your ideal clients. Know your dream business. 

Do Business in a Way That Feels Good:

Your feminine intuition can guide you every step of the way. It just takes learning how to use it.

What does intuition feel like in your body?

Can you hold a question and know if it feels good in your body? Can you feel if it is the next step you need?

Do you know where it sits in your body and how to use it effectively?

I will help you know and trust your intuition by helping you feel it in your own body. Trusting your intuition gives you the freedom to make the best decisions for yourself. Using your feminine intuition makes business feel easy and brings joy into your practice.


The Support You Will Recieve Working with Landy...

Personal Healing 


You will have two 60 minute sessions per month to help you...

  • Release old beliefs that keep you doubting you
  • Heal past hurts to feel confident in yourself
  • Learn to integrate energetic healing into your own practice
  • Trust your feminine intuition to bring ease and joy to your practice
  • Get support around your business and practice

Support When You Need It

You will have unlimited talk/text Voxter support.

Had a bad day? Feeling Stuck? Tough client? Unsure how to bring intuitive healing into your sessions? Need to problem-solve a decision?

With unlimited Voxter we can text/talk in between our bi-monthly sessions so you can get all the support you need.  You never have to feel you are going it alone again. 

Trusting Your Inner Voice

A business that feels good and easy is one that is designed just for you by you. Learning to tap into your own powerful intuition takes away the fear and frustration allowing you to feel confident in every decision and know exactly what you need. Feel a balance between your work and home life so you can be a better mom, partner, businesswoman, and you. 

Letting Go of Beliefs That Hold You Back

The belief that you are not smart enough, or talented enough, or are too shy, or disorganized are often beliefs that were planted as a kid. These lasting beliefs are often not ones we are even aware of, let alone can label. But they are the biggest block to your success. Releasing these outdated beliefs can help take you and your business to the next level. 

Healing the Healer

Too often healers (therapists, birth workers, bodyworkers) feel driven to heal those around themselves and forget about healing themselves. This is the most powerful work our world needs. Healing your own past hurts, generational past hurts, and even past life hurts can take your ability to help others to a whole new level. You will be aware of triggers in clients that keep you from being the best therapist. You will be able to be more effective as a therapist in using your energy and protecting your energy so you don't face burnout. You will be able to better process the pain and heaviness that your clients and the world bring to you. 

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call and learn how you can trust your intuition, release all the old beliefs that are holding you back, and step into the confident future you. 

I'm ready!