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Create sustainable business growth by becoming a leader in your community and go-to referral. 

To the Women's Health Therapist who knows you can change the lives of women in your community. Discover how to build sustainable business growth through relationships (not pushy sales), create a community of referrals sources, and step into the role of community leader so you see long-lasting business growth that gives you the freedom to create a practice that supports your life. 

A successful practice doesn't just happen.

It is BUILT...one relationship at a time. 

Being seen as a community leader and creating a relationship-based network of referrals is the number one way to have long-term business growth and a consistent flow of clients.

THERE ARE 3 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS that when you get dialed in will place your business as an indispensable part of your community and key referral for your clients. 


Read on to see how you too can take out the stress and hustle from your business and FINALLY create the long-term success your business needs.  

The fact you're here means that not only are you excited to create the practice of your dreams and change the lives of your clients – you’re dedicated to creating a lasting impact in your own life that can support the life you and your loved ones want. 

My guess, like so many others I speak with daily, you realize that your business growth and impact can only be created by you and depends on the decisions you make every day.


  • Waiting for the timing to be perfect is a mistake.
  • Thinking people will just come if you give it time is a mistake. 
  • Relying solely on social media posts is a mistake.

And I don't have to tell you that your ability to make the right decisions at the right time is only as good as your confidence in yourself and based on your inner thoughts. Your thoughts create your actions. 

Listen, I get it sometimes growing your practice is confusing, and even scary. The fear of making the wrong decisions or making a mistake that could cost you can freak you out.

Maybe you feel like you've already made mistakes. You may even be kicking yourself right now about the choices you made.


We all make mistakes. Heaven knows I have made more than my fair share. But the really good news is I'm still here and I have learned a lot in the process. 

That means you don't need to go through the same tears and struggle that I did. 

More good news...it’s not too late to get it right and once you get strategies that actually work, you’ll finally feel in control of your own life and business. 

Just Imagine, clients booking every day, referral sources who sing your praises, and loving life and your business.  

What would it feel like to:

  1. Be known for how you help people throughout your community?
  2. Know you are creating life-changing results for your clients and they are eagerly sharing all about you.
  3. Have confidence clients will continually walk through the doors excited to work with you. 

Here's the issue...the typical advice to work harder, hustle more, and scare your potential clients will all that could go wrong, won't create sustainable business growth. But it will keep you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and wanting to give up. It doesn't feel authentic, good to anyone, and creates distrust with your community.

Over the past decade, I have seen talented therapists give up on their businesses and their dreams because they burned out. They couldn't sustain the hustle and emotional toll. 

It’s your time to finally get your dream practice dialed in AND based on PROVEN strategies so you can eliminate the worries. 

Join me on the journey to a joy-filled practice and life balance, using the exact same processes and strategies that I’ve used for myself and many of my clients for long-term sustainable business growth.


FOLLOW proven step-by-step guidance to...


  • Feel confident stepping into the role of community expert with brain-based tools to help you become the master of your thoughts and have a strategic growth plan.
  • Have a reliable plan to create a community that loves you, sings your praises, and sends clients your way every day. 
  • Have a system that helps you create the routines and habits that set you up for continued success and helps you identify and remove the blocks in your business.
  • Be a more effective and strategic business owner.

Your practice should be working for YOU, not you hustling for it. It should be fun. 

When you look at successful therapy practice owners that love their businesses, are making an impact, and have a solid income...

They ALL have three things that help them create a sustainable practice.

And if you do not have this then obviously...you are not set up for sustainable and profitable growth. 

The #1 Mistake Women's Health Therapists Are Making:

When women's health therapists first start their practice, they typically head straight for the OB offices or other professional offices to tell them all about how you can help their clients. Until you realize...they never referred. All the time and effort did not turn into paying clients.

And I don't have to tell you that is NOT having a thriving practice. 


This Often Leads to Mistake #2... 

Letting your thoughts take control, leading you to feel like an imposter and a failure. You turn to social media growing your audience but not your paying clients. Then all the insecurity and failures of the past start to creep in. You start trying to make everything perfect. You become afraid to take action for fear it will cost you clients, or you try everything with no real plan. You feel the need to hustle even more. That's like trying to fill a bucket with holes in it. 

Working harder, waiting until it's perfect, and begging for referrals is not going to grow a sustainable practice with reliable referral sources and profitable income. You are wasting energy, time, and money. 

Other therapists may realize their business may be the most powerful tool they have to create the life they dream of, but they are also very aware it could be their biggest failure. 

If you are like most of the therapists I work with, you know you can change people's lives by doing the work you love. But you may be asking "am I really cut out to own my own practice?"

Here's what I know hustling harder, getting trapped by the negative thoughts, and hoping clients will find you, will not create a thriving practice. Not to mention it is exhausting!

Think about how many therapists you know who are struggling to make their practice grow or gave up.

You see you can't expect to grow a sustainable practice where you feel energized and love your day if you are constantly worried about where your next client will come from. 

What could it mean for your future if you keep doing what you are doing?

What we think and what actions we take will create a ripple effect in our lives and the lives of those around us for years to come. 

And having 8 years in private practice and 3 years coaching other entrepreneurs to start and grow their own business it's clear and simple:

You're not just a women's health therapist...

You are a thought leader, life-changer, community-creating Rebel Healer.


You have bigger dreams than most and you need your business to help you reach the life-changing impact and lifestyle income of your dreams. 

True entrepreneurship is not just having a business, but knowing your business is changing lives and you are choosing to step up in your community. 

And it is much more than just hanging a sign on the door saying "I'm open." There is no one who will care more about your business, your clients, and your family than you. 

When you just wait for clients to start walking in or trying to convince people why they should work with you, you are missing out on opportunities to help the people who need you most and to support your family. 

But when you know exactly what it takes to create sustainable growth and a bigger impact in your community you change not only your life but your whole community!




Growing a therapy practice can be scary and lonely. 

And you are right! Most therapists try to do it all on their own. They don't have a support system from other therapists who have similar dreams. They get lost in all the traditional business advice and lists of to-dos, overwhelmed with the weight of the world on their shoulders, thinking they have to be all to everyone. 

But here's the reality... You don't have to be it all to everyone. You don't have to do this alone. You don't have to continue to fumble through trying to guess what is the best next step.

The truth is you are far more powerful than you

or the world wants to give you credit for. 

Your business and community need you to be a leader. And it's not as hard as it sounds.


Just like learning to be a therapist you need some principles and skills. BTW this is not nearly as hard nor will take as long as school. 

You want to have a thriving practice that changes people's lives, right?

Here's the deal when you are seen as a leader in your community and an expert in your field, your community will refer clients to you because they connect your name with your specialty. They refer because they already feel like they know you and trust you. 

And then with a little strategy you can create a network of ideal referrals who sing your praises and send you perfect clients who are excited to work with you. 

But before you can create this abundance you have to feel confident in yourself, and know which thoughts are supporting your dream and which are keeping you stuck. 

Until NOW you didn't have support to combine the business strategy with the inner thought and mindset work to guarantee your success. 


Rebel Healers...

Rebel Healers is a 12-week group coaching program that walks you through the steps to help you start thinking like the community expert, looking at your business as a tool to create your dream life instead of an emotional roller coaster, and makes marketing fun and authentic instead of sleazy. 


You will get support through...

  • 9 group coaching sessions to get the clarity, support, and encouragement you need.
  • A weekly workbook that will support the classwork to take you step-by-step through the described action steps to make your progress easy and clear.
  • How-to templates and scripts so you know exactly what to say.

During Rebel Healers you will... 

Get Crystal Clear on Your Business Vision & Growth Plan

  • Know your ideal client so you can fill your practice with people you love.
  • Create a business model that supports your life and feels fun.
  • Create your 90-day growth plan. Where do you want to be in 90-days?
  • Learn how to tap into your higher self for guidance.

Create the Money Mindset of a Successful Business Owner

  • Get clear on your money story. We all have money stories created from childhood experiences and life experiences with money. Make sure your story supports your wealth and business.
  • Know your money beliefs and how they are impacting your business. If money is not safe, it creates problems, or it's not safe to recieve you will block all progress. 
  • Release your money blocks and shift your money story and beliefs to support your business and your wealth. 

Get Confident with Money Conversations & Get the Money Flowing

  • Feel confident with your prices and in the value you provide. You don't have to dread the insurance question anymore. Know exactly what to say. 
  • Be confident with the cost conversation using the easy Cost Talk template. Easily walk clients through the cost talk so they want to sign up for session packages that will help them meet their goals and help you fill your practice. 

Get Out of The Perfection Trap: Stop Making Excuses and Start Taking Action

  • Get clear on your business blocks. Knowing what is stopping your progress is key to changing your life. 
  • Let go of the need for perfection and start taking action. Done gets you clients.
  • Create an action plan to create sustainable growth through a game mindset. 
  • Create healthy time boundaries to stop the overwhelm and get time back in your life. 

Become The Expert and Leader Your Community Needs

  • Release the fear of failure and that imposter syndrome to feel confident stepping into the leadership role.
  • Create automatic referrals when you stand out as a community leader. Now more than ever people are looking for leaders. 
  • Know the exact steps you need to be seen as your communities leader for sustainable business growth. 

Think Like a 6-Figure Therapist

  • Up-level your thinking to grow your business. A 6-figure business owner thinks differently than a struggling business owner. Your thoughts are directly responsible for the actions you take or don't take.
  • Learn to quickly identify negative thoughts and shift them before they send you spiraling. 
  • Create supportive thought patterns that keep you feeling in control and positive.

Create Habits & Routines for Lasting Growth and Success.

  • Identify habits and routines that support your business growth. Everything you do on a daily business either supports your business growth or not. 
  • Shift the habits and routines that are blocking your business success. We all have daily habits that are not healthy for our bodies, minds, or businesses. Bringing awareness allows you to consciouly choose how you spend your time. 
  • Create new habits and routines that will help you create sustainable growth. 

Create Your Ideal Support Team 

  • Know when it's time to bring in support. You can't do it all forever. Growing your business takes a team. Learn when you need to start brining in help and what help you need. 
  • Identify the support you need to thrive. This may be support at home or in your business.
  • Learn how to free up your time to do the most important tasks. Use of a team, templates, and automation will help you get back time for the things you love. 

Mindset for Long Lasting Growth

  • Celebrate your success. When you celebrate even the small successes your energy inceases and you see more success. Learn the simple strategies to bring in the celebration everyday. 
  • Gratitude will change your attitude and your business. You can't be stuck and grateful. Learn the simple phrase to bring in more clients. 
  • Creating your long-term action plan. Set your goals, plan your action steps, and see your success. 

"Make your mindset a top business priority,
because the actions you take (or don't take) stem from your thoughts."

--Kathleen Deggelman

Can you afford not to have sustainable growth in your business?

Many therapists spend unnecessary time and money trying to get clients through ads. They go from doctor practice to doctor practice hoping to get a referral. They use the hope and pray method with marketing often getting no results.

Business owners are tired of constant DMs and business card drop-offs begging for referrals, most won't even respond back. Clients are bombarded by ads and media telling them they are broken, so they tune out. 

How long are you willing to spin your wheels trying to figure it all out on your own? Dealing with the stress from family pressure because you are not bringing in money and spending hours on social media which looks more like play than work. The inner thoughts that creep in around "am I cut out for this?" They all start to weigh you down. 


There is an easier and more organic way to create sustainable growth. 

Being the known name in your community generates referrals from a larger network who already know, like, and trust you and your business. Relationship-based networking creates a community that brings in your ideal client who is ready to work with you to meet their goals. Clients will seek you out! You no longer will be trying to convince clients they want to work with you.

Smart business owners know their personal blocks and create growth through sustainable plans.

It's time for you to have the same success other therapists have had...

Kerry Ann H.

"I hired Landy after a long quandary with who to hire as a coach. I had just fired a counselor and figured that Landy could help not only with my business coaching and pelvic floor mentoring but also in my personal struggles. 

Landy has such a strong, powerful intuitive energy that guides her in her work with clients. She is extremely helpful in guiding her clients forward without being overwhelmed in their endeavors. I recommend her highly as a coach for anyone getting started in business or feeling stuck in moving forward."


Kevlin S.

"The Rebel Healers was such a wonderful way for me to see that other women are in the exact same place that I'm in, starting their business or already working in their businesses... it felt like a home for me and my business for the last few months. It has helped me with my own self-worth. Working with Landy has helped me stand my ground as a pelvic floor therapist, and an occupational therapist, and a mother, and a partner, and take up space and be ok with that. "

Sarah S. 

"Working with Landy has been an amazing experience. I have worked with other business coaches previously that gave me a list of things to do and some guidance but I still felt stuck. Landy helped me to work through my roadblocks, view my business mindset in a different way and get to the root cause of why I was feeling stuck. She is so kind, understanding, and encouraging. I highly recommend working with Landy if you’re ready to make changes in yourself and your business!" 

Your Success Starts & Ends With You

Creating change in your business doesn't just happen magically.

Nope. It takes some work on your part.

It takes awareness of your thoughts.

It takes looking at your beliefs around money and success and asking yourself "does this really fit with the reality I want?"

Rebel Healers will guide you and challenge you to look behind the "I can't.." and "I'm not good enough.." to help you let go of thoughts that are not serving you and build up thoughts that will help you succeed.

You can feel confident being you and as an expert in your community.

You can let go of the fears that keep you playing small and from feeling successful.

You can build a network of loving referrals.

The you who got you to today is not the same you who can get you to your dreams. 


You have to grow and change your thoughts to grow and change your business. A 6-figure business owner thinks differently than a struggling business owner.


Are you ready to start creating the life and business you want? 

Start working from an abundance mindset where you can work smarter not harder. 

Feel confident you can create the impact and income of your dreams.

With an amazing supportive community, you will grow in even more ways than you could on your own.

When you feel confident in your own skin and as a therapist, your voice will be heard in a bigger way, making more impact in women's health care and the world. Your community needs you to step into the expert role.

You no longer have to feel alone or overwhelmed.

Know you are supported.

Know you have what it takes.

"I always did something I was a little not ready to do.
I think that's how you grow."

--Marissa Mayer

Rebel Healers is not designed for everyone. 

If you don't want to create sustainable growth in a relationship-based way this isn't for you. 

If you are not ready to look at your own inner thoughts, habits, beliefs, and take responsibility for your life, Rebel Healers is not for you.

If you are not ready to create a smashingly successful business by creating a smashingly successful you, don't join. 

But if you are ready to step out as the expert your community needs, you are going to see amazing success. 

If you are ready to create a referral community that adores you and basically does the marketing for you, this is the best way to create adoring and paying fans.

Know with 100% confidence that YOU have exactly what it takes to grow your business and serve your clients. 

You can create a business that is fun, makes you money, and changes the world.

If your business is not thriving in the way you want and you know there is more out there for you, Rebel Healers is perfect for you.

Your business 100% reflects how you view yourself and your business. Your thoughts and beliefs guide your decisions and outcomes in your business. 

If you are not seeing the results you want then you need to shift something.

That something is the confidence in you.

It's believing you deserve success.

It's believing you are worthy of an amazing income.

It's believing you are enough just as you are.

It's believing your uniqueness is your superpower.

With these beliefs, you can confidently step into an expert role and grow a community of ideal referral sources. This truly is the key to sustainable success. 

As long as your fears and self-doubt keep you playing small your business will reflect that. 

The ripple effect of believing in yourself will create abundance in your business, life, and the lives of those you touch. 





Rebel Healers will help you create sustainable business growth and freedom in your life and when you join you will get...

9 Online Group Coaching Sessions

Nine online group sessions to deep dive into what is blocking you from reaching success and help you step into the role of an expert in your community.

Brain-Based Tools

Brain-based tools to decrease overwhelm and eliminate limiting beliefs like "I can't" to keep your momentum moving forward. Plus using the knowledge of human nature to position yourself as a leader and create a network of ideal referrals. 

Your Own Private Portal

Have a simple and effective guide in your own private portal. Have every replay of group coaching sessions plus all bonus replays at the tip of your fingers. Have an action plan workbook to take you step-by-step through each week. Have easy-to-use templates so you know what to say to create the biggest impact.

Your Own Private Community 

A private community of amazing women just like you. Get support and encouragement between live sessions so you never feel lost or alone. Your family does not understand all that it takes to grow your practice. Surround yourself with women who have similar dreams and understand exactly what it is like. 

If you would like my help and guidance in becoming the confident community expert and go-to referral to create sustainable growth and the lifestyle you dream of your investment today is only three easy payments of $397.

...and if you don't feel more confident in Rebel Healers knowing how to grow your business, impact, and income I will give you your money back.

And by passing up on this one-time offer, are you really saying that your business is NOT worth $997 to you?

Let's hope not! 


So, if you are ready to become a leader in your community,
create a network of ideal referral sources,

and uplevel the most important thing in your business (YOU)
so you can grow your income and impact 

sign up by clicking the link below, and I'll see ya soon!

 You may be wondering... What's the investment?

12-Week Group Coaching



  • 9 Online Group Coaching Sessions
  • Private Portal with Video Replay of Every Session
  • Private Supportive Community
  • Easy Action Plan Workbook
  • Brain-Based Tools to Decrease Overwhelm and Limiting Beliefs, and Help You Feel Confident as You 

12-Week Group Coaching Plus 1:1 Coaching with Landy


  • 9 Online Group Coaching Sessions
  • Private Portal with Video Replay of Every Session
  • Private Supportive Community
  • Easy Action Plan Workbook
  • Brain-Based Tools to Decrease Overwhelm and Limiting Beliefs, and Help You Feel Confident as You
  • Plus 9 1:1 Sessions with Landy to Release What is Keeping You From Success
  • Plus Unlimited Personal Voxer (Talk/Text) and Email Support
  • Plus Access to All Online Courses Landy Offers During Your 12-Week Experience

3 Monthly Payments of


(Save $194 Paid in Full)


VIP: 3 Monthly Payments of


(Save $250 Paid in Full)


"I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes." -- Brene Brown



$297 Value

In this pre-recorded workshop you will learn to...

  • Be confident setting clear boundaries with your time and clients.
  • Prevent taking on client energy and emotions so you don't feel drained at the end of the day.
  • Release client energy & emotions that you may accidentally pick up during sessions.
  • Create caring boundaries around your home and work time.
  • Create an energetic container for your workspace for a safer & stronger healing environment.


$597 Value

This workshop takes you through a simple plan and easy plan to jump-start your network of ideal referral sources. 

In this live workshop, you will learn...

  • Step-by-step guide to create a community of referrals who sing your praises. 
  • How to approach other businesses in a way that creates a lasting relationship and doesn't feel pushy or sleazy.
  • Scripts for what to say (so you never feel like you don't know what to say). 
  • How to network without feeling awkward.
  • How to use social media and media outlets to be seen as an expert.


$697 VALUE 

In this workshop, you will learn a step-by-step plan for creating a community workshop that will help you grow your practice, bring in instant income, and give back to your community. This class alone will bring in enough to cover the entire Rebel Healers Program. 

  • Learn how to create a workshop that brings in $1000+ in one day plus reoccurring clients.
  • Become the top name/expert in your community that everyone talks about.
  • Make a difference in the lives of the women in your community no matter what their income level.
  • Create a way to give back to your community while growing your business. 


So to recap when you join Rebel Healers you will get...

  • Nine group sessions to deep dive into what is blocking you from reaching the success
  • Brain-based tools and how-to guides to keep your momentum moving forward
  • A private community of amazing women therapy business owners just like you
  • Three super bonuses that will help you quickly step into the expert role and up-level your business. 
All together that's over $2500 in value!
Today it's only 3 payments of $397!

Are you ready for you and your business to thrive?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

Join REBEL HEALERS to create sustainable growth, become the expert in your community and have a community of referral sources who adore you. 



"But what if I don't see results?"

When you join Rebel Healers you get a 30-Day Show Your Work Guarantee. If you don’t know in your heart of hearts you can create a bigger impact with your business as you create a bigger income, all you need to do is email [email protected] (within 30 days), and I will happily refund 100% of your funds. All you have to do is show me you did all the assignments and work.


Want to know more? Here are some commonly asked questions...

Hi there, I'm Landy.

I'm a mom, an entrepreneur, a pelvic occupational therapist, a trauma worker, and a healer. I also teach with the Institute for Birth Healing. I understand the need for balancing busy work life with busy family life, because I live it. 

When I first started my practice I honestly thought I would open my doors and women would come rushing in to get help! 

As a mom and I knew the stories of pain, leakage, and trauma that moms in my community shared. I knew there was a need for pelvic therapy, but I still had few clients.

I dropped off flyers to OBs, spent money on ads, and spent hours perfecting my website. I posted religiously on social media, but still had inconsistent client referrals and slow growth. 

It wasn't until I started owning my knowledge and created a strategized plan that put me in the expert role in the eyes of my community did I see true growth. I also created a network of ideal referral sources who sang my praises and referred consistently and my business started to explode. I went from struggling to having a waitlist in under a year.

I was like a community celebrity with people recognizing my name and business when I was out and about in the community.

New clients came in stating they had been referred by 2-3 different people.

OBs started calling me to connect because they had patients singing my praises. 

I became a must-see person if you were pregnant or postpartum. 

It's not just my success but my coaching clients have seen similar success with these strategies. 

I had to do some inner work letting go of limiting beliefs so I could stop making excuses and be confident in the expert role.  

I took responsibility for my business and the role I played as owner. I stopped blaming my slow business on the fact I lived in a small conservative community.

My business became fun and supported my life instead of a constant strain and stress. 

I want you to have that ease and freedom in your business. I created Rebel Healers to help other therapists create a bigger impact in their community with sustainable growth using relationship-based strategies so business felt good, not yucky.


If you want to change your business you have to change how you think and how you feel about the business.

So putting it all together when you join Rebel Healers you will get...

  • Nine live group sessions to deep dive into what is blocking you from reaching success and help you step into the role of an expert in your community.
  • Brain-based tools to decrease overwhelm and eliminate limiting beliefs like "I can't" to keep your momentum moving forward
  • A simple and effective guide
    • Replays of every live session
    • Action plan guide book
    • Scripts so you know what to say to create the biggest impact
  • A private community of amazing women just like you
    • Get support and encouragement between live sessions so you never feel lost of alone
  • Three amazing bonuses that will help you up-level your business. 
    • Creating Caring Boundaries ($297 Value)
    • Creating a Community of Ideal Referrals ($597 Value)
    • The Instant Income & Impact Workshop ($697 Value)
All together that is over $2500 in value!
Today it is only 3 payments of $397!


Are you in?