5 Steps to Your Dream Therapy Practice

Your 5 Step Workbook to Create Your Dream Therapy Practice

Step into the feminine way to do business. Tap into your inner guide to create a business that feels good and brings ease and joy into your practice. Download your free workbook below.  

What you will learn...

  • How to use your feminine intuition to guide your decisions
  • What your ideal client looks like 
  • What your ideal business schedule looks like
  • What is holding you back from taking it to the next level

5 Steps to Create

Your Dream Therapy Practice

Using Your Feminine Intuition

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Meet Landy

Hey there, I'm Landy. I'm a mom, occupational pelvic therapist, and entrepreneur. My story is probably similar to yours. I wanted my own business to better balance mom life with my love of helping women. But my business felt more of a time suck than a feel-good balance. I hit the point I felt like throwing in the towel and just getting a job. Feeling overwhelmed and stuck I turned to personal healing and that is where I figured out the secret to a feel-good mom business. 

I left the masculine way of doing business and turned to run my business using my feminine intuition. I looked inside to find the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and started healing my hurts and listening to what felt good in my body and my life. 

As soon as I shifted to using my intuition to guide my business my income doubled and more importantly I felt joy in my business and lost the mom's guilt. 

I would love to share how you too can make this shift.  Heal old hurts and limiting beliefs that keep you doubting yourself. Start trustin your inner guide to make business decisions that feel good and bring ease and joy to your practice. 

Want to learn more about how healing your past hurts, letting go of limiting beliefs that keep you doubting yourself, and using your feminine intuition can help you take your practice to the next level?

I want to learn more!